Shipping Delay! The Fangamers are all going to PAX, so orders placed after August 25 may not ship until early September. Thanks!


Inspired by awesome games.


8-Bitboy Keychain
8-Bitboy Keychain $10
Boss Key Chain
Boss Key Chain $14
Courage Badge Keychain
Courage Badge Keychain $10
Franklin Pin
Franklin Pin $8
Gate Keychain
Gate Keychain $14
Jiggy Keychain
Jiggy Keychain $12
Master of Keys Combo
Master of Keys Combo $20
Retro8Bit Keychain
Retro8Bit Keychain $10
Shield Keychain
Shield Keychain $10
Small Key Chain
Small Key Chain $10
Small Key Necklace
Small Key Necklace $19
Spawn Chain
Spawn Chain $10
Super16Bit Keychain
Super16Bit Keychain $10