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Great Kraken

by William Chua

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Style: XS / Cream / Unisex

LADIES! This design is printed on a new (to us) sheer jersey tee from Bella -- tweet @fangamer to let us know if you like them!

The Great Kraken was once the terrible king of the ocean, attacking any ship that carelessly attempted to pass through the tropical seas. One fated evening, a brave captain faced the monstrous titan in a battle to the death. In the end, the beast fell vanquished by the brave captain's slippers… or so the story goes.

William Chua brings us his rendition of the moment the king of the sea first assaults the brave captain's ship, which we present for your pleasure on American Apparel's cream 50/50 shirts. Women's garments are cream-colored sheer jersey Bella tees. Printed with water-based inks by the brave folks at Forward Printing in California. 

Each shirt comes with bonus 1" button from the kings of buttons, Busy Beaver.