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Hunter Combo

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Style: Unisex XL / Hunter Red / Chozaglyph Blaqua

The Hunter Combo pack is our first combo to offer up to three shirts! You can choose from the following:

Visor Shirt

The galaxy's most overzealous bounty hunter has finally infiltrated the Fangamer base! This shirt was designed by Jonah Block and, after some tweaks from high-stakes bounty head Jon Kay, it's ready for you to broadcast your galactic allegiance.

Our new Varia orange color is not only printed on our first-ever Poppy AA 2001 shirt, but it also features a new and improved design. Additionally, the Hunter and Varia colors feature glow-in-the-dark ink which is guaranteed to scare the crap out of you the first time you see it hanging on the back of your door in the middle of the night.

Chozaglyph Shirt

Ancient runics speak of the hero to come. And lo, the hero shall be heralded for his masculine arm cannon and shooting ability. And when it comes to pass that the hero becomes known as heroine, there shall be zero suit fanart. So say we all.

This shirt heralds the return of the blaqua, American Apparel's insanely comfortable 50/50 shirt. Discharge printed in three colors by the all-knowing, all-printing machines at Forward with amazingly soft inks which blend right into the fabric for a shirt which will gain a little character with each wash.

Space Jump Shirt

Space Jump Boots: guaranteed to make you jump higher. Also guaranteed to ruin every other game you ever play which doesn't include some kind of double-jumping mechanism.

This Asphalt AA 2001 shirt is printed by the ink-slinging bounty heads at Forward Printing. We use special discharge inks for a soft, smooth, sharp print that blends right into the shirt.

Galactic Pinset

1" pins are the fastest way to spruce up any old arm cannon, and as a bonus this random set will help you remember which weird critter is associated with which beam!

  • Cute-roid
  • Ship
  • Ceres
  • Beam [Wildcard]
    • Ice
    • Plasma
    • Wave