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Max Elixir

by Jon Kay

$15.00 USD

Is your bro running slow? Does your pet need more pep in its step? Leverage S-Co's state-of-the-art scientific technology to maximize battle effectiveness! Introducing our latest product: Max Elixir! (S-Co. denies any allegations regarding inhumane product testing.)

Max Elixir is designed by Jon Kay and printed on our soft 50/50 shirt, American Apparel's BB401 (Ladies: BB301, 3X-5X: Gildan 8000, 6X: Hanes 5250.) Forward Printing was behind the controls for the two-color discharge-printing; their amazingly soft inks blend right into the fabric. 

This is the kind of shirt that gains a little character with each wash -- just make sure to turn it inside out before washing!