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by Hector Mansilla Gonzalez

$23.00 USD

Take care not to fall asleep in this lavishly designed tri-blend shirt; just as dreams must end, so might your shirt be a figment of someone else's imagination. And Fangamer does not accept returns for Wind Fish shirts that turn out to be intangible. 

This design was willed into existence by Hector Mansilla Gonzalez and printed by the dreamboats at Forward Printing in California with a special discharge process which "burns" the ink into the shirts for a sharp, soft, thin print.

Speaking of dreamy shirts, we're proud to announce that this shirt is printed on American Apparel's new TR-401 tri-coffee (TR-301 for the ladies), a 25% cotton / 25% rayon / 50% polyester shirt which is easily the most comfortable you will ever wear. Sizes 3X-5X are printed on Gildan 2000 Chestnut, 6X is printed on Hanes 5250.

Each shirt comes with a free 1" pin -- no THIEFery necessary!