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Shantae: Risky's Revenge Vinyl Soundtrack

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Product Description

This official Shantae: Risky's Revenge soundtrack features all 30 tracks from Jake Kaufman's soundtrack on two colorful LPs.  

This exclusive Fangamer variant is pressed on two-color vinyl with Shantae (LP1) and Rottytops (LP2) themes.

Side A Side C
1. Main Titles 16. Solved a Puzzle
2. File Select 17. Danger!
3. She’s Got Moves 18. Grrrrrrrrr
4. Scuttle Town 19. Boss Battle
5. ORLY YARLY 20. A Seal Approaches
6. Risky Boots 21. Collected A Seal
7. Burning Town 22. Day Travel
23. Let’s Make a Meal
24. Hall of Magic
25. Try Again
26. The Labyrinth
Side B Side D
8. Through the Trees 27. The Final Challenge
9. Buy Something 28. The Last Battle
10. Item Fanfare 29. End Credits
11. Adventure 30. Burning Town Forever
12. Caverns
13. Sand in My Potion
14. Serious Genie Business
15. Scary Things - Labyrinth