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such a snuggly boi!

I got sans a fair while ago and forgot to make a review (whoops), so im doing it now. He's incredibly soft, literally the softest plushie i own, and the perfect size for snuggling. the jacket is super cool, not only because you can take it off but because it has functioning pockets and hood too! he came on the same day that a special someone asked to be my gf, so thats a plus even tho its kinda not related. he even came with a little illustrated card and a fifth anniversary sticker, which was neat. Only problem as far as I can tell is that he didn't come with the glowing eye, but honestly thats not really a problem. 1000/10, well worth the price.

Hey there,

We're sorry the eyes for your Sans Plush were missing! Feel free to email us with your order number at '' and we'll be happy to get those sent out to you.


w a n n a h a v e THE BEST TIME??????!!!!

THIS PLUSH IS SO COOL! I just got him today, he can wear his hood, his hands can go in his pockets, and he has the bad time eye!!!!! THIS PLUSH IS AMAZING definatley worth the 32 bucks! You can also make your very own FREE dust sans (since dust sans wears his hoodie) I LOVE THIS PLUSH! def gonna use him for yt vids and sleep with this skellyboi!


I just got this yesterday and I love it. A bit of a downside is that you can't throw it or it'll get some marks on it.

his arm is a bit wack

2 stars because i still like it.

I love it

Almost perfect it's so soft but the slippers fall off a little bit too easily and I know they're sewn on so it could improve their but otherwise perfect


Sans Plush


Restock planned!

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it's sans. sans the skeleton. 

This sans plush is 10 inches tall (seated) and comes with a couple of extra eyes, for some reason. Also available: his cool brother, Papyrus.

Collaboratively designed by Jenna Post and Toby Fox.

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