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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great little figures

Got Spelunky guy and the shopkeeper, they both look great!

Just what i wanted!

with Spleunky 2 coming out and having just beat Spleunky, i figured it was the perfect time for me to get one of these since i just love this game so dang much.
The figurine itself is great and the paint job on it was flawless. The box that it comes with too is pretty neat, I even put it up on my bookshelf, ha ha!
All and all, i don't regret this purchase one bit and maybe i'll even get another one someday.
here's hoping a new series of these come soon!

Cool idea, cheap execution

The newest run of spelunky minis, with added bosses, is a bit different than the original run. I had bought an idol and the frogs from the first run, and got them again in the second run. Just from these two figures you can tell corners were cut. for instance, my first frog was a base white color with yellow eyes and orange and blue bodies. three distinct paints were used. the second run, the bottom from is the same yellow as the eyes (which looks terrible in my opinion). The idol gained some weird dab of black in the eyeholes (see the pictured figures) and generally duller colors. Additionally, 3 of my second run figures were painted poorly-- one of which so bad I had to ask for another. Poor craftsmanship and cheap design decisions plague the figures. This could be interpreted as the crafters hurrying to create enough for us to enjoy; however there was a large price hike this run as well (4 dollars previously I believe, now 8). The price is absolutely astronomical-- supply and demand is to blame. It's a shame this is a unique product because it really hurts one's wallet. The product still receives 3 stars because the original molds are very well done (albeit not a mirror of in-game characters), and they are a great size to have sitting on your shelf watching. Generally they just look good. Nonetheless, weigh the cons I mentioned before buying a mini- worse craftsmanship than before and hiked up price. I am hoping for a series 3 that is a bit higher quality.


I am so glad they put these back in stock and added new ones. I just had to buy them right away. Totally worth it. Each one is very well detailed and the boxes are awesome. I really hope they make more sets. There's just so many more characters that need to be created.


My caveman Spelunky Mini looks amazing on my desk and makes me feel great every time I glance at it!

Spelunky Minis

by Derek Yu


Spelunky Minis are back! This new set features an all-new run of the original 10 figurines and adds four brand-new bosses to give your classic Minis the scare of their tiny, PVC lives.

Each figure ranges from 1.6 to 2.25 inches tall and comes in one of two collectible boxes. Buy your favorites individually or grab the complete set while you can—these will last about as long as your first game of Spelunky.  

Series 1: $50 Series 2: $25
  • Spelunky Guy
  • Damsel
  • Shopkeeper
  • Tunnel Man
  • Caveman
  • Jiang Shi
  • Yeti
  • Mantrap
  • Frogs
  • Idol
  • Old Bitey
  • Alien Lord
  • Yeti King
  • Anubis

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