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This is without a doubt my favorite work of art I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to. Grant Kirkhope really did his damned thing on this for sure. Eternally grateful to fan gamer for bringing this back.

Perfect Presentation

The packaging Fangamer uses is THE BEST - this was my first purchase from this site and I could tell they really care about the quality in which their products are shipped/received. I greatly appreciate that - Ten stars just for that! Banjo-Kazooie is one of my favorite games from childhood, and I had to pick this up since I missed the chance when iam8bit was selling their version a few years ago. That said, the presentation of this release is incredible - the throwback art style chosen Perfectly fits the carefree nature of the game/soundtrack and I really dig the overall aesthetic of it. The only reason I've given this 4 stars instead of 5 is that I feel the collection is missing some key tracks from the game. This soundtrack definitely gets on the repetitive side once you start getting into Grunty's Lair tracks (I knew this going in of course, but I just needed this vinyl, I love this game) and I feel it could have greatly benefited from tracks like the ones that play inside Nipper's shell from Treasure Trove Cove, inside the Christmas Tree in Freezeezy Peak, or all four season themes in Click Clock Wood. Missing tracks like this just kind of make the whole set blend together too much. I still love this soundtrack, just would have picked a few other tracks for the release personally. Thanks for an awesome first experience as a customer, I've already made more purchases :D

Very happy with this release!

I couldn’t be more pleased with this box set! High quality outer case. Double inner sleeves for all 4 records. First sleeve has great artwork of characters from the game, and second sleeve is a nice poly lined one to prevent scratches. The records themselves sound excellent! I also enjoyed the sheet with the liner notes from Grant Kirkhope. If you are a Banjo Kazooie fan, you need to get this set. Also a great price considering It’s 4 LP’s. I would highly recommend. You won’t be disappointed!

Fantastic packaging!

I love the packaging of this item! I also need to give thanks and kudos to FanGamer. This item was packed and shipped so well! Often times vinyl records or their packaging gets damaged in shipping, but FanGamer boxes this so well it came in pristine condition.

Great sound, some skipping

Great quality overall, but had an issue with skipping during every other Gruntilda's Lair themes. I wasn't sure if it was because it was dirty or not, but it kept skipping during the same parts for each playthrough of the songs.

Banjo-Kazooie Vinyl Soundtrack


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The Rareware classic returns on vinyl.

Fangamer and Rare have worked together to bring you the Banjo-Kazooie soundtrack in a stunning vinyl package.

  • 41 tracks curated by Rare and composer Grant Kirkhope.
  • Original art by Andrew Kolb
  • Four separate vinyl collected in one sturdy slipcase
  • Double-sided insert with liner notes from Grant Kirkhope

Each Banjo-Kazooie vinyl purchase includes an instant digital download of the complete soundtrack in your choice of MP3, WAV, or FLAC. That's over 6 hours of music, and 164 total tracks!

Record 1 - Side A Record 1 - Side B
1. Rare Logo
2. Main Title
3. Game Selection 3
4. Overture
5. Spiral Mountain
6. Spiral Mountain - Bridge to Gruntilda's Lair
7. Grunty's Beauty Steal Machine
8. Gruntilda's Lair
9. Gruntilda's Lair - Mumbo's Mountain
10. Mumbo's Mountain
11. Mumbo's Hut
12. Mumbo's Mountain - Inside Ticker's Tower
13. Brentilda's Theme
Record 2 - Side A Record 2 - Side B
1. Gruntilda's Lair - Treasure Trove Cove
2. Treasure Trove Cove
3. Treasure Trove Cove - Nipper Battle
4. Gruntilda's Lair - Clanker's Cavern
5. Wading Boots
6. Turbo Trainers
7. Clanker's Cavern
8. Clanker's Cavern - Inside Clanker
9. Gruntilda's Lair - Bubblegloop Swamp
10. Bubblegloop Swamp
Record 3 - Side A Record 3 - Side B
1. Gruntilda's Lair - Freezeezy Peak
2. Freezeezy Peak
3. Gruntilda's Lair - Gobi's Valley
4. Gobi's Valley
5. Gruntilda's Lair - Mad Monster Mansion
6. Mad Monster Mansion
7. Gruntilda's Lair - Rusty Bucket Bay
8. Rusty Bucket Bay
Record 4 - Side A Record 4 - Side B
1. Gruntilda's Lair - Click Clock Wood
2. Click Clock Wood - Spring
3. Grunty's Furnace Fun
4. Tooty's Theme
5. Mumbo's Barbeque
6. Top of the Lair
7. Final Battle
8. End Credits
9. On Vacation
10. The End

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