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Pick up three of the items from our YANEB Kickstarter! Two years in the making, this combo includes three parts of the multimedia project our backers helped us create:

  • The EarthBound Handbook, an unofficial hardcover strategy guide devoted to the world of Shigesato Itoi's classic game, presented as a travel guide made for tourists in the year 199X. 
  • The Psychokinetic Zine features 80 full-color pages of art, writing, and comics devoted to our favorite game. 
  • the Psychokinetic Album is a two-disc set of classic tracks from the entire series in a wide variety of styles, created by the Bad Dudes. 

While you're at it, add on the second book in the Legends of Localization series, devoted to the localization process that transformed MOTHER 2 into EarthBound!