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Nice figurines and came really quickly, thanks!

Perfect for collectors!

A great addition to any Dark Souls collection of figures and everything else. Made for some great options to make the bookcase display more decked out. I'd love it if they do another run and have a bonfire replica for them all to stand around!!


These figures are fantastic! I really like the blocky, animated style of the figures. The colours are bright and vibrant which is very pleasing to the eye and the paint is is very clean! The attention to detail is absolutely amazing. They look jolly on my shelf.

Most probably say they are too vibrant for a game like Dark Souls but I don't think so. If you are a Dark Souls fan who has an eye for art, pick these up!!!


The only reason I bought these is because I am a huge Dark Souls fan. The sculpting is perfectly fine, yet a little too cartoony to be honest.... especially for such a dark and mature game. The yellow paint is bad looking and doesn't match the aesthetic of the game at all and adds to the "cartoony" look that I mentioned earlier. My biggest issue is the price. $67 for all three of these small statues? Thats roughly $22 per statue. When compared to other toy makers like Neca who sells their figures for only $27, this is a rip off. Neca's figures have articulation and are about twice the size of these and are WAY more detailed than these. These should have been sold at $15 max. They are practically Amiibos. I honestly feel this price takes advantage of Dark Souls fans, especially since there is barely any merchandise for Dark Souls and most of the other statues are hundreds of dollars.

Great Figures With Cool Details!

The figures are great, the perfect size for your desk or shelf. The quality of the figures is really impressive, all the grooves on the armor and shields is really well done. The colors are vivid, the poses are great, and I really like the stylized look of them.

Not only were the figures all-around great, but the boxes they came in were also really impressive! Each box is styled in the location you find them in in the game. Oscar in the cell, Solaire at the Sunlight Altar, and Siegmeyer in Sen's Fortress. Really cool details! I'm very much looking forward to series 2!

Dark Souls Figurines - Series 1 Combo

by Stefano Bernardi


Get the first three figurines in our Heroes of Lordran series and save!

Each figurine stands over 4 inches (10.1 cm) tall.

Dark Souls™ & ©BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc./©FromSoftware, Inc.

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