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Dark Souls

Laudate Solis

by Judson Cowan

$14.00 - $120.00

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You'll spend at least as much time identifying your most loved/hated locations as you did grinding humanity from the rats in the Depths!

This official Dark Souls print by Judson Cowan comes in three sizes:

  • Shard (Small, Offset print, 8 x 24 inches)
  • Chunk (Medium, Offset print, 12 x 36 inches)
  • Slab (Huge, Giclee Print, 24 x 72 inches)

Note: the close-up photos featured on this page were taken from a copy of the Slab (huge) version of the print. The smaller prints are made from the same file, but due to the physical limitations of print/eyeball resolution, many of the finer details (like the silver knights in the church) aren't as visible.

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