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I've been carrying this AWESOME keychain for almost a year. this thing still looks like new and as strong


Growing up with the SuperNintendo as my first system so this keychain hit all my nostalgia buttons. I was naturally, super disappointed that after paying $10 for a keychain that after 1 week one of the links broke and I lost the controller piece. Not as "heavy-duty" as I would have imagined.

Sorry for the trouble Ian -- we'll be glad to replace it for free, just send an email to with your order number!
Will be a piece of archeology!

This keychain is so sturdy it will be dug up five million years from now and still look AMAZING! I waited almost a year to review this because I wanted to see how it would last on my keychain. It has a the tinniest bit of wear around the black parts, but the colors are still vivid and could pass for being a week old. It's the smallest thing on my keyring but I somehow always see it first when looking for my keys. At this quality I would pay up to $20 for this and definitely recommend this to any gamer!

Long Lasting and Awesome

I've had this keychain for over a year now and used it continuously. It looks the same as when I got it, and I've been hard on it.

It was cleverly designed so that the unpainted parts protected the painted parts, so the colors are as vivid as when I first got it.

This keychain clearly had a lot of love go into it;or something so small and seemingly simple it's oozing with detail. I got this as an unexpected gift from Fangamer, and every time I grab my keys it's a reminder of how awesome they are.

Fantastic Keychain!

It's a much heftier keychain than I expected, and that's a good thing; it feels incredibly durable. I love the double-sided design of both the keychain and its packaging! The flat keyring is a nice touch as well; why aren't all keychains made to these standards?

Super16Bit Keychain

by Jon Kay

Sold out!
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A pixelated, die-cast salute to the greatest console of all time! This heavy-duty, double-sided cloisonné keychain has been custom minted in black nickel and painted with 8 custom colors.

One side represents the SNES controller, and the other is themed after its Japanese equivalent. Keychain and packaging designed by resident uberfan Jon Kay.

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