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Customer Reviews

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Feels like a warm hug

I was very happy to receive this for Christmas. Great quality and feels very soft and warm. It’s great for keeping warm this winter and it’s stylish too. People are always admiring it.


I just got this for Christmas, made an account just to say that this is awesome! It's fluffy and long, and it will be sure to keep me warm the whole winter! I love the cute little tag that comes with it as well! 3.1415926535.... out of pi!

Worth the price!

The Ralsei Scarf feels exactly how I expect it to feel! It is about 30 inches long and 7 inches wide! The fabric is very soft and uses the same fabric used on the plushes! In my opinion, it is worth the price!

cute & cozy!

i absolutely love all the little details put into this scarf!! it's made with the same fabric used for the shirts on fangamer's plushes, so the material is wooly, textured and soft! not at all close to scratchy and it's very comfortable and cozy, and although it's still hot over where i live (winter hurry) it seems to be a very warm! the scarf itself is very long as well and can be wrapped around a couple of times if that's more your style. it's noticably made with a lot of love so it's definitely worth the price!

The Power of Fluffy Boys Shines Within you...with this scarf~

This scarf is just as amazing as I imagined it would be, nice soft and immensely vibrant in the pink and green soft colors, very super duper long so you can have all the wrap-age you'd ever need with it, I am eagerly excited to try it out in Winter as we tend to have some very high wind ice cold days and a scarf based on my favorite Deltarune character will be awesome to have for it, you guys&girls are phenomenal with your product quality and service though~

(Also whoever tossed in the Hollow Knight sticker with my scarf, they deserve all the hi-fives, I adore that game, and feels special given I just bought a Hollow Knight shirt and there was no sticker promised with this Ralsei Scarf~)


Ralsei Scarf

by Fangamer


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Much softer and less dangerous than the Ragger. 

This official DELTARUNE scarf was designed by Nina Matsumoto. It's made of a soft minky material, like the fabric we use for our plushes, and measures 62 inches long. 

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