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Pewter Gym

by Jon Kay


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Also available as a hoodie.

The stone-cold master of the Pewter Gym has caught many new trainers off guard with his sturdy crew, but...

Wait, isn't this the rock gym? Why is that Jr. Trainer using a ground style?

Anyway, this rockin' design is printed on some of our favorite garments by the rock-solid folks at Forward Printing, who used their super-effective discharge method to make the prints just as soft as the rest of the fabric. Not that you're soft, of course. 

Includes a 1" gym button. 

Unisex XS-2X American Apparel TR401
Unisex 3X-6X Port & Company 55
Women's XS-4X District Made DM104L

This shirt features our new favorite women's garments, from District Made—they use women's sizes, not junior's, so if you're used to American Apparel check out their sizing chart (US) (metric) for more information.

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