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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful book

This is a wonderful book, from the dust cover to the cover to every page inside. A wonderful reference book which is also a piece of fan art.


This book is amazing! Such care went into the artwork and when I first saw it, I knew I just had to have it. It's a great guide when you need to cook some food and it's very helpful in telling you where you can find each item you need.

Exactly What I Wanted

[Disclaimer: This review is being written immediately after receiving the product. I can not testify to the longevity of the item(s) and may update this review later to notify you if something explodes. Thank you for your time.]

While playing BotW I thought to myself: "This new cooking system is way more awesome than I thought it would be, but I wish I had some kind of cookbook to keep track of all this. I could make my own, but that would take ages..." Then lo and behold, I stumble upon this. It's EXACTLY what I wanted!
It covers everything I would want/need to know about all the dishes and ingredients in the game including where to find everything, and even what all the raw ingredients are worth.

Aside from practical use, the book itself looks great sitting on my coffee table, and while not every illustration in the book is a work of art, some of them are REALLY good. I loved the frogs and lizards.

+Firm cover/pages.
+No obvious grammatical errors (that I've seen).
+Lots of art that looks hand-drawn.
+Color-coded pages for easy identification.
+A dish checklist for those who want to cook everything at least once.
+Book smells good...What do you mean "that's creepy"?

-The pages close automatically, which means you'll need paper-weights to keep it open on a specific page.
-It doesn't seem to have the value of the finished dishes.
-Some of the pages feel a little empty.

Ultimately, the price is a tad high for my blood, but I'm glad I bought it anyway!

Banquet of the Wild

by Kari Fry and Ryan Novak

Sold out!

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Never let the great outdoors, nonstandard cooking implements, or a horde of approaching monsters deprive you of a good meal again.

Kari Fry's Banquet of the Wild is an unofficial reference guide to the ingredients, elixirs, foods, and recipes you'll find across this massive open world. 

  • 65 pages filled with beautiful illustrations of the recipes and ingredients you'll find all over the massive open world. 
  • Clear explanations of the in-game cooking process, along with a stats and effects table for every recipe.


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