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Five years later and still going strong.

I bought this back in 2012ish and still have it on my keys to this day. It's held up exceptionally well, and has weathered to a lovely patina look. Much better quality keychain than you normally would find for this price.

Exactly what I've been looking for

I've been wanting a necklace to wear, but I wanted something unique and sentimental. I had the Courage Badge on my set of keys for about 3-4 months until the keychain broke. Wasn't anything serious, I could've just bent the chain back in place. What I decided, instead, was to make a necklace out of it, and let me tell you what, I love it. The color and quality of the finish has faded (in about 5 months time), but it still holds a lot of sentimental value for me, even if no one I know understands it. Thank you so much, Fangamer!

Good Looking but not very durable

The chain specifically. It only lasted me about 2 weeks until it hit a wall when I made a turn with my back pack and BAM, it broke. I`m not really satisfied with this. Thankfully it was just the chain that broke so now I can attach the badge to another string or something but I`m still disappointed.

Sounds some serious wear and tear or a very rare defect (never had this issue). Feel free email and we'll take care of you!
Good Against Lightning

I ordered this to protect me against any lightning attacks I might encounter. I get a little nervous living in a house where everything is painted blue. (no joke.)
I love this keyring so much I never really found anything worthy enough to put it on. I have it displayed next to my Mother 3 handbook. So I can't really speak for the wear, but I can say that it is a nice heavy medallion. I like how it isn't too shiny or or cheap looking. I plan to buy another one for my backpack. It's one of those things I always wished existed as a kid, and now it does! ^_^

What a wonderful

I got this at the fangamer panel last friday, and I've had it on my lanyard ever since. the look and feel of the courage badge is truly a sight to be seen first hand. I wasn't too sure about getting a key chain at the price but after having it around I am very pleased with it. For any one wanting to get this I would have to say yest on it! Great job you guys on such a nice keychain

Courage Badge Keychain

by Jon Kay

Sold out!

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MOTHER 3 Handbook

Rumor has it this custom keychain was forged in the depths of the volcano that lies dormant beneath the Nowhere Islands. Granted, the likelier story is that it was plucked from a die by a gloved factory worker.

  • Weighs a full ounce (heavy!)
  • Antique bronze finish
  • Heavy duty chain

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