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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Excellent !

I love it !
I wear it all days, all nights ! Tanks so much !
Well the leather cord is a little bit squishy... But i have now a golden chain and it's pretty good.

Great design, not so great quality

The soft leather cord itself became all twirly and stretched, even though I haven't worn the necklace that much (I kept it in a jewelry box). I had to buy a new leather cord, but couldn't find one that looked like the original one. The bronze/antique clasps really made it look great together with the bronze/antique pendant. The pendant itself lost some if its coloring at the bottom (it looks silver/white underneath).

The design of this necklace looks great and original which I would give a 5/5, but the quality of the pendant and leather cord should have been better (especially for this price).

Antiqued Trinity Pendant

by Jon Kay

Save $2Golden Trinity Pendant

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Also available in a gold-plated Polished version.

Pausing before the massive door, the hero grasps the amulet around his neck and silently asks the goddesses to grant him courage to walk through the door, wisdom to find the nightmare's weakness, and power to deliver the final blow. Reassured, the hero produces a key and opens the door...

This necklace is designed by Jon Kay and features a 7/8" wide antiqued charm made with an allergen-free zinc alloy on a 19" soft leather cord with lobster clasp.

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