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Beautiful, cute and fun book!

Got this on the recently sale and very happy with the purchase. Love the art from Nina Matsumoto and the story by Tsuyoshi Kan. Awesome that Arino from Game Center GX is in the book as well. A must get especially if you have kiddos who are interested in video games.

Cute and educational

My son loves this book. He’s been reading it every day lately, and he recently brought it to school and asked the teacher to read it to the class. (And she did, which made his day.) He’s been sharing facts about the translation with us, as well.

Adorably Perfect

I bought this for my daughters and it's quickly become their favorite book; from the art and story itself so the fun behind-the-scenes section at the end, seeing the difference in the sketches from Kan's initial idea to Nina's final version have inspired them. And it's not just for kids! If nothing else, the Legends of Localization section in the back portion is an incredible journey into how translation works. A nice primer for Clyde's other books!

I'm Stuck in a Video Game

by Tsuyoshi Kan & Nina Matsumoto


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Mina loves video games. But when she gets zapped inside her favorite game, she'll have to beat all the levels and defeat the fearsome cactus dragon to get out. Luckily, a friendly video game security guard is there to help.

Wait, a video game security guard?

Written by Tsuyoshi Kan, producer and narrator of Game Center CX (Retro Game Master), this English edition features a translation by the original illustrator and a special section about about the book's journey from Japan by the team behind Legends of Localization, including sketches, storyboards, interviews, and an annotated look at the original Japanese edition.

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