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A little off, but she grew on me. :)

I really enjoy this plush! She's a bit on the smaller side because she's a very slim character, and her face seems a bit off-model, making her look weird. (I do believe her eyes are too far apart and perhaps the wrong shape? It's not as bad as in the promotional photos.) Her cloak/dress was a little knittered, but it's nothing that gentle ironing wouldn't fix. While I initially didn't feel too strongly about her because of her flaws, she quickly grew on me since she's just as cute and huggable as the rest and her needle looks great for a stuffed toy. I just wish the face looked more like Hornet's in-game and in official artwork. If you're looking to buy Hornet for yourself, just keep an open mind. She's not for someone who wants a super on-model toy or a cuddle-pal, but she's still lovely and I will cherish her.

Thanks for the review! The stuffing inside plushes can sometimes shift and make embroidered plush faces look a little odd from some angles- you may be able to gently squeeze it for a better appearance. If you think there may be a more significant issue with the plush, please feel free to contact us at with a photo and we'll be able to assist!
weirdly shaped.

the overall quality is good and i really like the magnets but she can't stand up on her own and the way her legs are made make it so she can't sit down if you try to make her sit down she'll just spring back up to her normal form. and her long parts on the back of her head make it so she can't just lie flat on a bed so there's really no where to put her.

Lovely and Well Made

Hornet(and talking Grub) arrived much faster than anticipated. I was a little disappointed in the packaging. The actual plastic on her was lovely, like all the FanGamer plush. But unfortunately it was shipped in a small white soft packaging and she was kind of squished in, her head bent a bit. I guess the time she spent in there reshaped her a little because her head is still a bit bent from that. Hoping itll straighten out soon. Other than that, the plush is beautiful. The details are nice, the fabric is soft and the colors are lovely. Definitely happy with this purchase.


I. Love. Her. She's better than the photos show, as said by Kaela's review.(below) Even the packaging was too pretty. The only problem was that she had a small rip in her neck that made her head lopsided, but I sewed that up just fine. That may have actually been my fault, but I'm not sure. She looks really cool just on my shelf. There is a strong-ish magnet on her back so I can put her needle on the back of her cloak. I also bought a talking grub plush, and he is now Hornet's trusty steed. I liked Hornet so much that I also got a plush of the Knight. I definitely recommend this plush. Git it. (heheheh))
Git gud!!!!!!!

Better than what the photos seem

Great quality and very soft. Definitely worth it as a collectable.
The one I ordered only has a few minor problems like a loose seam and threat trail, and a slightly lopsided body, but otherwise, it's amazing! Just keep in mind that the magnets are rather seek and the needle will fall off if your a bit rough with it.

Hollow Knight

Hornet Plush

by Fangamer

Save $2Hornet Pin

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This old kingdom... A terrible thing awakens. I can smell it in the air...

This official Hollow Knight plush was prototyped by Jenna Post and Eyes5. Hornet stands more than a foot tall and includes a plush needle that attaches with magnets. 

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