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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great but Hornet is kinda hard.

I really love these papercraft its my first time doing them so most if the errors are on me, however I was really disappointed on my self with the Hornet craft. The body would keep spring out of the cloak her head bends inwards and the collar won't stay in place. I'm fairly sure its all on me I just wish it wouldn't be so frail and the tutorial videos could be a bit more slow paced with a couple of zooms every now and then for those small parts(Hornet's head and Collar for ex). In the end she really looks nothing how the video shows, I even had to find my way around the Base Cover becuase it wouldn't slide in. Other than that these are fun to make .

Simple for even a novice

I really enjoyed putting these four papercrafts together. I got them for free when I bought the Collectors Edition early. I'm really bad with my hands, but I only messed up one of them, Hornet. These are high quality and look great on display next to my collector's edition.

A unique gift

I received this product for free since I purchased the Hollow Knight CE early. I have yet to assemble them but it looks fairly easy although fair warning these do not come with instructions, you must look that up online on the Fangamer website. If you’re into making 3D puzzles you will enjoy this item. This item would make a great gift for anyone who likes Hollow Knight!

Hollow Knight Papercraft Set

by Fangamer


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Hollow Knight Collector's Edition
A set of four DIY papercraft figures from the world of Hollow Knight: The Knight, a grub, Quirrel, and Hornet.

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