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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Beautiful Gift

I couldn't be happier with the collection itself or with the customer service provided by Fangamer. Really impressed overall.

Wonderful Purchase

The music in this book is wonderful, as I assume you all already know. The book itself is also gorgeous and high quality and the illustrations inside are stunning. The music can be hard for beginners and even intermediate players though.

Excellent !

A wonderful book with beautiful illustrations !

The fifteen scores are very well arranged but they can be difficult for beginners. And a spiral binding would have been better. But the book is a nice collector's item ! I'm very happy with my purchase.

Beautiful book full of beautiful music

The bottom line:
- Highly recommended. This is a wonderful collector's item for any fan of the game! It's beautifully arranged (both artistically and musically); but the music is a new arrangement, with significant deviations from the original soundtrack.

The good:
- The book is gorgeous to look at. Each song is introduced with an associated piece of concept art from the game. The cover art and the book as a whole are done with a clear love for the game's art and music.
- The music is amazing. If you're unfamiliar with the Hollow Knight music, do yourself a favor and buy the soundtrack. It's one of best soundtracks I have ever heard in a video game (coming from someone who's been both a pianist and a gamer for 40 years).
- The song selection is quite good. It includes 15 songs, covering what I'd consider the best selections from the game.
- These are not dumbed down arrangements. They are quite sophisticated, intended for more advanced players.

The bad:
- These are NOT the arrangements from Christopher Larkin's original soundtrack, but from an arranger named David Peacock. David's arrangements are lovingly done, but they are not what I was expecting. There are several interesting music detours he goes on to further explore the motifs. While I appreciate much of what David did with the music (and still highly recommend the book!), I would have preferred a more straight forward piano arrangement of the original score.
- There's no spiral binding, so you have to hold the book open. I felt bad folding back such a beautiful book :(
- There are no chord changes. This is nit picky, but as someone who tends to think of the music in terms of the chords they are forming, I would have enjoyed having the changes accompany the music above the piano line.

Hollow Knight Piano Collections Sheet Music Book

by Materia Collective


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In collaboration with composer Christopher Larkin and Team Cherry, producer and arranger David Peacock and pianist Augustine Mayuga Gonzales team up once again to create 15 gorgeous renditions of favorites from Hollow Knight in this Materia Collective production, beautifully illustrated by Nise. 

Includes sheet music for the following songs: 

  • Dirtmouth
  • Crossroads
  • Greenpath
  • Hornet
  • Reflection
  • Mantis Lords
  • City of Tears
  • Resting Grounds
  • Dung Defender
  • Queen's Gardens
  • White Palace
  • Sealed Vessel
  • Radiance
  • Hollow Knight
  • Grimm Troupe

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