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this plushy is great! the nail even has a little magnet in it to keep it attached to his cape.....also bought some shirts and i’m very happy with the quality and designs :)

This filled the knight shaped hole in my knight shaped heart

When he first arrived I was so excited! And boy did I have a right to be. He was in perfect condition, He's also very soft! 10/10 Another great product from fangamer!

Amazing! Waiting for Pure Vessel...

I love the plush, I've had it for almost a year now and the biggest gripe I have with it is that it contracts lint easy, but that's what most plushes out now are like. But if there was a Pure Vessel plush, I would die for it, so hopefully that may come in the store soon!

perfect thing

Wow, that’s all I have to say! It’s super soft, really cute, and the nail is great! Much love for the little boy, and I loooovvvveeeee to hug him! <3

A perfect plush from a perfect team of developers

Hollow Knight has to be one of my most favorite games of this generation, and has to be one of my most favorite games of all time. Besides titles like Shovel Knight and Subnautica , Hollow Knight is one of the few games out there that succeeds in everything it sets out to do. It constantly challenges the player to learn from their mistakes and adapt over the course of their journey. Yes it sounds like Dark Souls, but what we have here is a perfect game with original ideas and mechanics. So when I found out Team Cherry made a plush of the adorable little knight, you can imagine how excited I was. I immediately purchased it, waited for it to come in the mail, and unbox it once I got it. Much like the game, the plush is what it is shown to be: promising. It has a magnetic sword, a soft fabric made body, and has to be one of my favorite plushies out there. It is worth the buy. (I sleep with it at night, is that weird? Yeah, that's pretty weird)

Hollow Knight Plush

by Fangamer


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Find a home for Hollow Knight that's a little less dangerous than Hallownest.  

This official Hollow Knight plush was prototyped by Jenna Post and Eyes5. It stands approximately 8 inches tall. Magnets in both hands and on Hollow Knight's back make it easy to wield the Nail or keep it sheathed. 

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