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Customer Reviews

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The best of the bunch!

I was amazed by how great the Quirrel Plush looks and feels. He's fun to play with, and I found the tag to be quite clever. For me, he's the most on-model character of the plushes I got. The Knight, Hornet, and Quirrel.

As a character that means a lot to me I am so delighted to have him around. He's fun to play with because of the magnets, which hold the nail and mask tight, but aren't hard to remove either. It's a brilliant feature for these toys.

Best plush of the best boy

I just got this little guy along with the pin and t-shirt combo (literally ordered all of the Quirrel stuff there was, yes) and i love the quality! The plushie is nicely sewn, soft and absolutely adorable! Mine had no defects, and the detatchable parts are a super nice tough. The magnets on mine are a bit on the weaker side, not enough to not hold the mask and nail in place but enough for these parts to detatch if the plushie is shaken with a bit more force. That dosen't destract from the overall quality in my opinion since this is a collector's item, most likely not going to be roughly handled, and it's a very well made one at that!
Unfortunately for some unknown reason my package came in quite wet on the inside, and im still trying to find out what happened to it in transit but thankfully there dosen't seem to be any signs of damage, other than the tag being water damaged, or mold so im still happy with what i got despite that little mishap.
I would highly reccomand this toy and i will surely be getting more Hollow

Sorry to hear your order arrived wet inside- we're glad to hear there was no significant damage! It sounds like there must have been a problem during shipping. If you ever receive an order damaged in transit, please contact us and we'll get things sorted out for you!
Love, Love Love!

I first ordered from Fangamer back in February for their Psychonauts patches and I can easily say I've been a delighted customer ever since. So you could imagine how happy I was to see that they were now offering a Quirrel plush! I ordered him as soon as I could.

He is beautifully made! He's not too big yet just the right size to hold in your hands and hug to your chest. He's made of super DUPER soft minky fabric, and even has a lighter fabric sewn on for his bandanna! That was an adorable touch! The Monomon mask is also made of minky, and the nail is made of some linen or cotton like fabric. Both are magnetic and removable.

If you know anyone who loves Hollow Knight, this would be a wonderful gift for them, along with the Wanderer plush! Both are super soft and super duper adorable.

I can't wait to order from these guys again! Seriously can't stop singing their praise.


Today, he came from abroad. I worried EVERYDAY when he would last, he has arrived my place!!!
I love his detail, removable mask,magnet hands, back view. And now, he reads a book between Hornet and Knight plush. I wish I could bought a lithograph for my baby bean :)

Incredible Plush!

I just got this little guy today and he is awesome! The detail and quality are great, especially the removable mask. And his nail is definitely better than the poor Knight's. I'm very happy I bought him, absolutely worth the money.

Hollow Knight

Quirrel Plush

by Fangamer


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And what a time I chose to arrive! This dead world has sprung to life.

This official Hollow Knight plush was prototyped by Jenna Post and Eyes5. Quirrel stands approximately 10" tall and includes a magnetic removable mask and nail.

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