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Understated and beautiful pin

I have gotten away with wearing this elegant pin to work and I think it's because the heart is such a universal symbol that no one suspects it's from a game...which is perfect for places with strict dress codes! Plenty of curious folks who ask me what it is, though. Once I point out the aorta on it they are satisfied with the answer. Very pleased with the design. Waiting on "The Core" pin to restock so I can complete the Hyper Light Drifter set!

Heart Machine Lapel Pin

by Heart Machine

Save $3Core Hoodie

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Pin the developers behind the mysterious and beautiful Hyper Light Drifter to your sleeve, your backpack, or anywhere else with this cloisonné lapel pin featuring the Heart Machine logo. 

For more, check out Fangamer's Hyper Light Drifter collection.

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