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Based on 21 reviews
Amazing its a lovely book.

its a excellent book its very colorful and beautiful

Amazing, just needs an update.

I Got this book in the special edition pack (collectors edition) and i want to get a new book because the last one got kinda dirty, although i would love it if they updated the book to have the new uodates.

This is the best book ever!

Great Book. The slimes are so cute and I got a lot of information.


I loved the book and highly suggest you buy

Totally worth the money, but...

This was my first purchase in Fangamer and it's TOTALLY WORTH EVERY PENNY! This book is helpful, funny, informative, has even tips in all of the pages (including how to take the best care of your jello buddies!), IT'S AWESOME! I just have a little problem. I bought this guide book a long time before the "Slimeulation" Update and i've been really interested in what the book would say, but my book, again, bought before the update, doesn't have such info (i'm not really sure if the book is updated in all of the books except those bought before, but i hope it is) and I was really shocked when i noticed it, and tried so much to think what i could do, but i think the answer is wait. So, take my first feedback and ignore the problem, it's a fantastic book and a great investment.

Slime Rancher Slimepedia Guidebook

by Kari Fry and Ryan Novak

Save $7Slime Rancher Collector's Edition

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Slime Rancher Collector's Edition

Become a better Slime Rancher! Page through Hobson's copy of the Slimepedia. 

This updated second edition includes new content for version 1.4, Viktor's Experimental Update.

Written and designed by Kari Fry, author of the Stardew Valley Guidebook, the Slimepedia is 96 beautifully designed and annotated pages taking you from newbie ranch-hand to veteran plort-producer. 

  • Irridescent hardcover accents made from the plorts of mosaic slimes. They really shimmer!
  • Contains notes and doodles from Hobson Twillgers, the previous owner of the ranch. 
  • The inside of the dust jacket features a map of the Far, Far Range!

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