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absolutely amazing

The book is absolutely amazing! It's what got me into cross stitching in the first place and is very good for beginners, as well as for advanced stitchers. It doesn't only include the patterns but also super nice explanations of certain "cross stitch terms", how to substitute colours or what else to do with your pieces if you dont wanna have 'plain flat' stitched pieces. For everything I've stitched so far the colour choices were very good (remember, theres only a limited amount of colours to begin with and sometimes they differ in shades depending on the dye batch, so if it ain't 100% accurate it's still very close to the original and beautiful to look at) and the patterns were very detailed.
I can only whole-heartedly recommend this book!

Nice book, poor color choices

The book is made very well and the spiral binding makes it very easy to use. Unfortunately, every item I've stitched from this book has had serious problems with the colors. The DMC colors chosen for the sprites are nowhere near accuate to the actual colors in the game. If you stitch them as charted, you will be disappointed with the final result. Everything seems to be skewed to be very orange and yellow - corn is orange, the brown chicken is orange, the brown parts of the wine label are orange, and the yellow honey is a super bright neon yellow instead of matching the in-game sprite. I really wanted to like this book but I feel like I wasted $32 when I could have color matched the sprites much more accurately myself. Really disappointed.


The book is good quality with crisp and clear images, the instructions with the junimos are super cute and super easy to follow for beginners (as I was when I bought it!) Really helped me get into cross stitch!

A beautiful book!

This is a gorgeous labor of love. Beginners and pros alike will enjoy creating their own little pieces of Pelican Town. My only complaint about the patterns are that the listed floss colors do not always match the desired color. For example, the jack-o-lantern pattern needs some adjustments to be accurate. Before starting a pattern, I would recommend matching your floss to the color in the book and not necessarily trusting the numbers listed.

Every Stardew Valley fan needs to try cross stitch

For some time, I wanted to learn cross stitch and when they announced this book I really decided to buy it immediately to learn along with it because it was also one of my favorite games currently.
I love the art of the book in general, it is very well structured, and each pattern is so well detailed that it's easy for someone new to me to do.
I hope that in the future, Fangamer can offer more books like this one from other games like Celeste, Hollow Knight or Undertale, or even Persona 5. I'll cross finger from now on for something like that.

Stardew Valley Cross Stitch Guide

by Gina Coleman and Kari Fry

Save $4Stardew Valley Cross Stitch Kit

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The official Stardew Valley cross stitch guide, designed by Gina Coleman (Sirithre) with illustrations and layout by Kari Fry. Chock full of exclusive artwork, photos and full-color patterns for crops, forageables and all kinds of other familiar sights from the game, this crafty cross stitch guide to all things Stardew Valley has everything you need to become a cross stitching master:

  • Instructions for the beginning cross stitcher and tips for more experienced crafters.
  • Portraits and other patterns for all the bachelors and bachelorettes.
  • Examples of framing and mounting your projects, as well as other practical cross stitch applications.
  • And of course, lots and lots of Junimos!

Check out the free preview PDF for a sample of what's inside!

The guide measures approximately 7 x 10 inches and features concealed wire-o binding that helps it lie flat while you work! 

Never cross stitched before? No problem! Pick it up with our Stardew Valley Cross Stitch Kit for everything you need to get started. 

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