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Good looking, but cheaply made

When I originally pre-ordered this item, I was expecting a much more fantastic version of the online manual I printed from Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes website. I had made my manual double sided to make it easier to read and go through. I used staples and stapled it into a book and it cost me probably at most a dollar or two. So, when I saw the pre-order for the manual I was excited and pre-ordered it immediately. When it came in, I was happy at how it looked, but disappointed by the materials used.

The binder is a 1/2 inch thick binder, which I was expecting for a small 32 page manual. The material used for the binder (I think) is a thicker chipboard composite. It felt cheap because my first booklet came damaged. It wasn't corner damage, it was straight in the middle of the top of the binder. I don't know how on Earth it could've gotten damaged that way since it was protected in cardboard and a thin layer of foam. Regardless, it surprised me that it was damaged so easily.

The pages were what put me off enough to write a review. The material used is something like a slightly thicker printer paper. The redesigned booklet looks like a manual straight from the 80's, but the paper feels like they could be ripped just playing the game. The pages are NOT double sided, so you'll have to flip through more pages to get to where you need to go.

In my opinion, it's a better option to just print the pages yourself, punch holes in the paper, and buy a 1/2" binder and save $20.


Received my manual today, and there were splotches on almost all the pages. Also I would think they would have lamented the pages because of the extensive page turning that is involved with the game. The actual binder seems to be made with heavy cardboard so I'm not sure how well it will hold up over time. Overall it's ok product but the "collectors edition" on the front makes it seem something more than what it is.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Bomb Defusal Manual

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You're trapped in a room with a ticking time bomb, and your friends are the only people who can help you through it. Make sure they have the manual. 

This official collector's Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes binder features a fully redesigned, 32-page bomb defusal manual with plenty of space for your own notes. 

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