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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Niche but nice

This is a lovely collection of weird texts that made it into published games. If you played these you probably just shook your head and pressed the button; but if you have an interest or experience in translation/localisation the vast majority of examples in here will make you smirk, chuckle and lol. Very happy that someone pulled all of these together - what Paula said!

Short but sweet!

This book goes through several different eras of how Japanese to English translation was handled, all the way from the 70s into modern times. It takes the best or silliest examples of bad/weird translation from many different games, all sourced properly and printed in beautiful, colorful quality.

The book gave me many chuckles and it made me reminisce about some of the games I recognize and how, in hindsight (since I didn't know English very well as a kid), their translation was pretty hilarious.

Funny, witty and interesting!

It had been a long time since I laughed out loud so hard with a book, it makes me want to make a compilation about mistranslations into Spanish! Clyde and Tony, thanks for giving us the chance to have such a good time while learning about videogames, localization, translation and our value as professionals. You did an amazing job!

This was a religious experience

I had no idea how many funny mistranslations there were before reading this and now my sides are aching from laughing. This was a fantastic read! The pictures are also nice and kept me distracted for a while.

This was my introduction to fangamer and I really want to get the Legends of Localizations book now.

This be book bad translation, video games!

by Clyde Mandelin and Tony Kuchar


Take a linguistic journey through video game history with the Legends of Localization team in This Is a Book of Bad Video Game Translations! Japan's love of "decorative English", a long list of misleading loan words, and the tight deadlines and shoestring staffs of early game development created a new video game dialect that is beloved - and still spoken - to this day.


  • Bad video game translations from the 1970s to today
  • 64 pages filled with 99 bad translations
  • Insight on why certain translation mistakes happen
  • Suggestions for good games with bad translations to experience for yourself!

Further details:

This be book bad translation, video games! chronicles the history of the phenomenon of poor Japanese-to-English video game translation from the 1970s until today. It also explains the root causes of bad translations, how translation practices have changed over the years as the industry matured (starting from the no-budget affairs in the early days and leading up to the machine translations found in the mobile market today), and specific patterns that are found in bad translations. The unusual title of the book itself is the result of modern machine translation.

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