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Tales of Symphonia Vinyl Soundtrack

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Product Description

Tales of Symphonia's sweeping soundtrack is available on vinyl from Bandai Namco and Ship to Shore PhonoCo, with 54 tracks spread across three LPs wrapped up in beautiful art by mochipanko.

This vinyl is hot, isn't it? This Fangamer-exclusive variant is available in a special colorway. 

LP1 Side A LP1 Side B
1. Tales of Symphonia 11. Desert Flower
2. A Prologue 12. The Struggle to Survive
3. Old Familiar Scent of Iselia 13. Rovers
4. Lloyd 14. Town of a Wind and Ruins
5. Refill 15. Water Symphony
6. Kratos 16. Romany Caravan
7. Standing the Pain 17. Escape from Enemy Base
8. The Land of Sylvarant 18. Collette ~It Is Sad~
9. Full Force 19. Confusion
10. Won the Battle
LP2 Side C LP2 Side D
20. Delightful Day 30. The Kingdom City of Meltokio
21. Off-Key 31. A Selfish Want
22. Moonlight 32. Tethe Alla Castle
23. The Grudge 33. Walking on Tethe Alla
24. Fatalize 34. Academic City
25. On the Tight Rope 35. Regal
26. New One World 36. Shihna
27. On the Hill at Night 37. Shinobi Life
28. Floating in the Air 38. Dry Trail
29. Far From Our World 39. In A Shadowy Woods
LP3 Side E LP3 Side F
40. Deepest Woods 48. The End of a Thought
41. Dance in the Sunshine 49. Beat the Angel
42. Aviators ~Rhea-bird~ 50. Derris-Karlan ~Appear~
43. Forest of the Treant 51. Last Battle ~Decision~
44. Mithos 52. Final Destination
45. Judgement of Mana 53. Revival
46. Fighting of the Spirit 54. Ending Staff Roll
47. Search a Seal ~Tethe Alla~