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Psychokinetic Album


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Part of a collaboration between Fangamer and the Bad Dudes that also produced a fanzine, The Bad Dudes' Psychokinetic Album is two discs full of some of the most memorable songs from all three games in the series, featuring songs and styles our Kickstarter backers helped select!

 Disc 1 Disc 2
1. Pollyana Bounce 1. Paula
2. Twoson Hometown Show 2. DRGN
3. Jon Bon Voyage, Amigo 3. Bag of Pork Chips
4. Find Your Happy Place 4. mom's cookies
5. Door to Door Happiness 5. Steppin' in the Rain
6. wE FeEL GRoOVE! 6. This August Will Be Different
7. Show Me What You Got 7. Thank You For Remembering Me
8. Checkout is at Eleven 8. Magicant Gamelan
9. Funny Dawg 9. There Is No Turning Back Now
10. Home Again Again 10. Master P
11. Reminiscing No. 1 11. Exit Music (For A Game)
12. Geognosis 12. The Power and the Glory