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Beautiful packaging, much care to add to the worldbuilding of Myst

I was so happy to receive. The art in the slip covers, the vinyl themselves, the bits of story and the hints of yet another age...not to mention meta concerning the Expanse. So much care and love has gone into designing this and it really shows. Fingers crossed for a Riven vinyl!!


A fantastic quality item, it’s full of great details! A must have for any fan

Incredible package, really captures the mystery of Myst

This is the nicest game soundtrack packaging I've ever seen, just feels incredible to pour over

MYST Vinyl Soundtrack

by Robyn Miller

Restock planned!

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A new way to experience MYST. 

This 2-LP set is covered with never-before-seen documents, photographs, maps, and artifacts, and crowned with the first public release of Atrus' three-minute recording within the Starry Expanse—"AUDIO TRIAL 31 - AGE FOUR"—which had lain hidden in the archives for nearly 30 years. 

It's pressed on "Red Page" and "Blue Page" translucent vinyl in a gatefold package designed by Myst co-creator and composer Robyn Miller, with multilevel embossing and spot-gloss details embellishing a special slipcover*. 

Each copy includes an instant digital download of the soundtrack in MP3, WAV, or FLAC. Please note that "AUDIO TRIAL 31 - AGE FOUR" is a vinyl exclusive track and will not be provided digitally.

*Slipcover ships flat to prevent damage during shipping.

Side A Side C
1. Myst Theme 18. Selenitic Mystgate
2. Treegate 19. The Temple of Achenar
3. Planetarium 20. Sirrus’ Theme - Channelwood Age
4. Shipgate 21. Achenar’s Theme - Channelwood Age
5. The Tower 22. Un-Finale
6. The Last Message (Forechamber) 23. Finale
7. Fortress Ambience Pt I 24. Fireplace Theme
8. Fortress Ambience Pt II 25. Early Selenitic Mystgate
9. Mechanical Mystgate 26. Original Un-Finale
Side B Side D
10. Sirrus’ Cache 27. AUDIO TRIAL 31 - AGE FOUR
11. Sirrus’ Theme - Mechanical Age
12. Achenar’s Cache
13. Achenar’s Theme - Mechanical Age
14. Compass Rose
15. Above Stoneship (Telescope Theme)
16. Sirrus’ Theme - Stoneship Age
17. Achenar’s Theme - Stoneship Age

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