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Customer Reviews

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Best B💣mber!

This little guy came in the mail yesterday, and he's amazing! Bomberman finally got the plush treatment he really needed. The magnets all work great, and he is REALLY posable. You can get him in many positions, and something that some people didn't notice is that there is a joint in his head, allowing him to look in every direction. You can also make him look sad with his eyebrows, but who wants to do that? His belt is really elastic, for some reason. And if you have good balancing skills, you can make him stand! I'm a diehard Bomberman fan and if you're one too, I recommend you throw your money at fangamer.

The goodest of boys

Soft and cuddly with awesome magnetic accessories, literally the greatest soft boy representation of the best hero in videos games.

So cute!

This little guy just arrived today in the mail in perfect condition. I love it, he's super adorable, his arm and legs are very posable. Currently have him holding his bomb with his angry eyebrows on 💣

The best plush!!!!!

This is the definition of perfecto

I want him in smash ;-;

Yup, it's him. 💣

I love this plush very, very much!! My friend bought it for me as a early Christmas gift. I jumped with joy, and it looks so adorable!! With magnetic eyebrows, a magnetic Bomb, and a posable plush of Bomberman himself, I love to play and cuddle with it! I also love to look at it adorable face! I'm one of the diehard Bomberman fans, and with this, it will be one of the perfect gifts that you (Fangamer) and Konami has to offer! I love you, Fangamer and Konami!!😍😍😍 5 starts!

Bomberman Plush

by Fangamer


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Bomberman includes small parts with magnets and is not designed for children under 3.

No need to stand at a 45-degree angle in relation to this bomb—it won't explode.

This official, fully posable Bomberman plush was designed by Leigh Davis and stands about 11 inches long. Bomberman's bomb and eyebrows attach with magnets.

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