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Grandia Memorial Vinyl Soundtrack Box Set

by Noriyuki Iwadare

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Product Description

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Get ready for the great adventure with the Grandia Original Soundtrack and Vent arranged album by Noriyuki Iwadare, available in a deluxe 3-LP box set pressed on mint green vinyl.

This deluxe collection from Wayô Records includes 22 tracks from the original soundtrack to this classic 32-bit RPG as well as all nine tracks from Vent ~ Grandia Arrange Version, out of print since 1998. A new 20-page booklet features gorgeous art from Toshiaki Hontani and Takuhito Kusanagi as well as new comments from the development team, soundtrack producer, and composer.

Side A Side C
1. Theme of GRANDIA 14. The Edge of the World
2. Prelude 15. Duel with Gadwin
3. Town of Parm 16. The Sandy Beach of Gumbo
4. Lilly’s Seagull Restaurant 17. Four Tensions in Succession
5. Sult Ruins
6. Battle 1
7. Perfect Victory
Side B Side D
8. Delightful Adventure 18. Approaching Crisis
9. Ghost Ship 19. Farewell to Sue
10. Battle 2 20. Battle 3
11. Mullen 21. Leen’s Love Theme
12. Inside Sult Ruins 22. Pavane
13. Dungeon 2


Vent ~ Grandia Arrange Version

Side E Side F
1. Parm 5. Farewell
2. For the Love of You 6. Luc Village
3. Battle 3 7. Alent - Holy Banquet
4. Gadwin’s Sorrow 8. Remembrance
9. Theme (Piano Version)