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Ys: Origin Vinyl Soundtrack

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Product Description

Wayô Records and Nihon Falcom present a fully remastered vinyl soundtrack for Ys Origin, one of the most popular titles in the legendary Ys series. 

This beautiful 2LP gatefold edition features 29 tracks composed by the Falcom Sound Team. 

Side A Side C
1. The Guidance of A White Tower 15. Prelude to the Omen
2. Prologue -Ys Origin- 16. Dreaming
3. Genesis Beyond the Beginning 17. My Lord, Our Brave
4. Roda 18. Beyond the Beginning
5. Bonds with Companion 19. Over Drive
6. Tower of the Shadow of Death 20. The Last Moment of the Dark
21. Termination
22. So Much for Today
Side B Side D
7. Oboro 23. Memory of Salmon
8. Water Prison 24. Disappearance of Threat
9. Scarlet Tempest 25. Fair Skies
10. Feena 26. Determination
11. Silent Desert 27. To the Next Generation
12. Tension 28. A New Legendary Opening
13. Samsara and Paramnesia 29. Believing
14. Scars of the Divine Wing