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Perfection at its finest.

To be honest, this is the cutest plush I have ever seen! I have many, but this is beautiful. I really like to cuddle with Niko, (perfect size by the way) and every little detail you guys have added just makes Niko cuter. Lucky one, I have no trouble with the magnets, Niko holds the sun nicely, thank you so much for this wonderful cat-person.

The Messiah!

This plush is so awesome and cute. It's the perfect size for hugging and so soft to do so, Niko is literally shaped like a friend. My only problem is that Niko is supposed to be able to hold the lightbulb by using magnets in their hands to connect to magnets inside the lightbulb. It may just be a fault on mine but the magnets are too weak for Niko to hold the lightbulb. Other than that the plush is perfect.

So adorable! Love them!

I love this plushie very much! So soft, cute, and very accurate to Niko's design. Only problem I have with the plush is the weak magnets in their hands; they can't even hold the sun, which is unfortunate because it's a very cute and thoughtful addition. Otherwise a very good plush, would recommend!


I wuv this babie so hecking much. He's so fluffy and perfect size for hugging/cuddling. She's my fav plushy and so well made too, it's like the real Niko protecting my bed/bedroom every day. Only problem is that their lightbulb has a hard time connecting to the hand magnets, which is to say- not at all. :( I dunno if this is a sort of defect or the magnets just aren't that good but at least the arms are perfect length for hugging <3.
I honestly wish I saw more plushies this big, she's much bigger than my Hat Kid plush by comparison and it's so weird, lmao

very adorable!

i love this plush. it was actually bigger than i thought, and i like that. its also very soft and built very good. its adorable! my only issue, (and it seems other have this problem), is that niko's right hand magnet is too weak, and it makes it very difficult for him to hold it. other than that, this is a great product! i really, really recommend getting this if you are a oneshot fan!


Niko Plush

by Fangamer

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See? I have the sun!

This official OneShot plush was designed by Nightmargin and prototyped by Jenna Post. It measures about 10 inches tall with a wide, bendable brim, and includes a plush sun, which attaches to Niko's hands with magnets. 

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