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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful print

I bought the "Chunk" size of this for my husband for Christmas, and it's gorgeous. Yes, it arrives rolled up, but mine flattened out with no problems when I framed it. It's a very striking and colorful piece with lots of details. I wish that we had a space for the largest one, because I can only imagine how awesome that is, but even with the medium sized print, it's very clear and beautiful.

If you want something that's fairly subtle gamer decor but lets other Soulsborne fans know you're up for some jolly co-op, this is the piece for you.

Absolutely breathtaking

I got the slab because the chunk was out of stock, while a little impractically large this thing is stunning! I paid $400 to have it framed, so the $120 price point isn’t really that accurate unless you want to tack this thing to the wall. My framing experience through Michaels really sucked, it took them 3 months and two attempts to finally get it right. In the end I am very happy with my purchase and the framing job. Just be aware that you’re going to spend a lot more than you think you are if you get the slab. If I had it to do over again, I would pick the same size, but maybe frame it through a different retailer. There is just so much small detail in the artwork that the shard and chunk wouldn’t do it justice.

TL;DR: Slab is absolutely beautiful, worth every penny. Just don’t frame it at Michaels, that place is a ripoff.

Got the Chunk and it a great piece of memorabilia.

This is a print only with no frame and will come to you in a rolled tube. I did have to straighten it out a little bit with some weight on the corners but no biggie.

Once I got it up on the wall and in a frame it was well worth the purchase. It brings back all those nostalgic looking through the areas that you fought and mostly died in the dark souls world.

As for the other review on the slab. It is called the "slab" because its a play on words for the crafting materials used in the game. A slab was one of the rarest materials to obtain. The naming never indicates anywhere that it is anything other than a print.

I am unsure if it is worth that price hike for the slab, but I can say the chunk is worth the it!

Simply Amazing

I don't usually write reviews. Reading the only other review on this item made me post this. The term 'slab' is a DS joke, the sizes are named after the titanite items in game.

TL;DR Buy this thing, hang it proudly.

This. is. simply. not. a. poster.
This is printed on high quality thick paper stock. The slab print has a noticeable heft to it compared to larger posters I own. The print quality itself is through the roof. It may only be a print but the local Seattle Art Museum has many fine prints on display at it that are of similar quality.

The previous viewer did get another thing wrong and unfortunately it's much worse than he says. Expect to pay over $500 to frame this thing with any sort of quality frame it deserves. It is so large you can't even get it framed at most framing shops. It's custom all the way.

I own all 3 matching prints and everyone who comes to my house spends about 10 minutes staring at these things. This is the best looking and my most favorite thing hanging on my walls.


I purchased the 24x72 print, after receiving it in the mail I was immediately disappointed. It's rolled up as a poster, it is a poster.

Why call it a Giclee Print 'Slab' if it's not on any sort of canvas or board? Why does it cost $120? Since it's a super-expensive poster print, you're going to have to find a frame, expect to shell out another 100-200+ bucks for that since 24x72 frames don't really exist.

Dark Souls

Laudate Solis

by Judson Cowan

$14 - $120

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You'll spend at least as much time identifying your most loved/hated locations as you did grinding humanity from the rats in the Depths!

This official Dark Souls print by Judson Cowan comes in three sizes:

  • Shard (Small, Offset print, 8 x 24 inches)
  • Chunk (Medium, Offset print, 12 x 36 inches)
  • Slab (Huge, Giclee Print, 24 x 72 inches)

Note: the close-up photos featured on this page were taken from a copy of the Slab (huge) version of the print. The smaller prints are made from the same file, but due to the physical limitations of print/eyeball resolution, many of the finer details (like the silver knights in the church) aren't as visible.

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