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A great trip back to my childhood

This book is a great compliment to the video series of the same name. The writing is well thought-out and provides insight into each game. The photos of the games/boxes/manuals are a nice trip down memory lane. Check out the other volumes as well.

NES Works Volume II: 1986

by Jeremy Parish

Save $5NES Works Volume I: 1985

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In 1985, Nintendo made a tentative effort to bring its Famicom console to America, rechristening it the Nintendo Entertainment System. In 1986, they went nationwide.

NES Works Vol. II: 1986 continues the story of the console's journey into the U.S. beyond its initial debut. This volume explores in depth the 19 NES games that shipped in America over the course of the year 1986: The second wave of Nintendo's own Black Box releases, including home versions of beloved arcade hits like Donkey Kong and Mario Bros, as well as a lineup of third-party releases like Ghosts 'N Goblins and Gradius. The NES library hits new highs and lows across 1986, but there's never a dull moment. 

The restrospectives in this volume explore relevant historic, cultural, and technical details for each individual game. Additionally, every game is presented with high-resolution photography of its original packaging, along with screenshots captured from actual NES hardware, as well as detailed supplemental information. Finally, a 50-page supplement — Famicom 1984 —contrasts the NES's second year in America with the same part of its life in Japan. The most comprehensive NES software retrospective ever continues!

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