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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
It's ok.

I think it should have been noted that it can not recommended for temperatures above 350. I lot of things in the oven are required temps of 425. As the other review stated, the hook is way too far inside the Mitt. That I find to be really annoying and a huge design flaw. Otherwise it is a comfortable fit and like its size. It is easy to grip things with it since it isn't too thick.

Pretty nice mitt, but don't pick up anything TOO hot.

I owned an original Power Mitt before the redesign, so I'm able to compare them (I accidentally burned a hole in that one, oops). This one is a definite improvement; it fits more than halfway up my arm so it feels safer sticking my hand in the oven to grab stuff, and it's a bit thicker, too. However, I can feel heat coming through on REALLY hot stuff, so I try to avoid using it on anything above 450 F or so. One smaller complaint is that the loop attached meant for hanging the Power Mitt up is nestled maybe a bit too far on the inside, so it's not as easy to hook it as my standard oven mitt. But overall this is a really neat item with a clever design, and I love that I can show off my nerdiness even in the kitchen.

Power Mitt 2.0

by Jon Kay


The Power Mitt is back. And now, it's even badder.

After putting our hands inside an unconscionable number of sample oven mitts, we've created a Power Mitt that's bigger, more durable, and better looking.

It's also sinister, which is a Power-Mitt-marketing approved way of announcing we've added a left-handed version!

Designed by design wizard and rad tracer Jon Kay. 

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