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The shirt itself is great, the AA 2001 is a time tested, solid shirt. The important thing here is the design and the way it appears once you've got the shirt on. The design is incredible. It's instantly recognizable as Mario, but there's a subtlety to it that gamers are going to pick up on ("oh it's like the Super Famicom!"). The design isn't really goofed up when you have he shirt on either; the design takes up most of the shirt. You'll always understand that its Mario. Game Paused and Fangamer really nailed it with this one. It's great.

Super Fami Bros.

by Game Paused

Sold out!

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When you grow up playing videogames on physical media you can never quite escape the association of character with console. 

Unisex XS-3X American Apparel 2001
Women's S-XL American Apparel 2102
Unisex 4X-5X Gildan 2000
Unisex 6X Port & Company PC55

Each shirt comes with one of four 1" buttons in the same 16-bit style. (The American version of this shirt would have concave and convex printing, which even Forward Printing might have trouble with.)