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Silent Hill Vinyl Soundtrack

Silent Hill Vinyl Soundtrack

by Mondo

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Product Description

Though melodic and light in its opening, take heed as this double-LP quickly transports you to the terrifying world of Silent Hill

Presented from our friends at Mondo, the white vinyl records hold 41 tracks of industrial, suspenseful sound - all encased in striking artwork by Sam Wolfe Connelly.

©Konami Digital Entertainment
01. Silent Hill
11. Hear Nothing
02. All
12. Children Kill
03. The Wait
13. Killed By Death
04. Until Death
14. Don't Cry
05. Over
15. The Bitter Season
06. Devil's Lyric
16. Moonchild
07. Rising Sun 17. Never Again
08. For All 18. Fear Of The Dark
09. Follow The Leader 
19. Half Day
10. Claw Finger 20. Heaven Give Me Say
21. Far
22. I'll Kill You
38. Tears Of...
23. My Justice For You
39. Killing Time
24. Devil's Lyric 2
40. She
25. Dead End
41. Silent Hill (Otherside)
26. Ain't Gonna Rain
27. Nothing Else
28. Alive
29. Never Again 2
30. Die
31. Never End, Never End, Never End
32. Down Time
33. Kill Angels
34. Only You
35. Not Tomorrow
36. Not Tomorrow 2
37. My Heaven