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Customer Reviews

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Magnificent, must have!

This is a fabulous addition for every Stardew Valley fan. I listen to in my car, to and from work. Always puts a huge smile on my face and brightens my day. Wonderful quality sound and lovely artwork. I love it! Thank you for the added happiness it brings to my life.

Great product great customer service

The CD is superb customer service is superb thank you fangamer!

Amazing, with a couple of issues

I love Stardew Valley and am glad to have a physical version of the soundtrack I can listen to in the background. The artwork and included poster are truly striking. I have two issues with this package.

1. The track list is only on the included poster, so it's a bit cumbersome to look for a track you want, especially if you opt to hang the poster up. I wish it was featured somewhere on the back or inside of the case.

2. Speaking of the case, I don't like it. It's made of paper, and though it does hold the discs very securely, it's a little difficult to get them out. Especially Disc 1, since the poster is akwardly wedged behind it. This is a very notable problem if you don't want to hang the poster up so that you will always have a track list. I really don't understand why the packaging is as cramped as it is.

The CDs are perfectly functional and sound great, but the packaging is especially cumbersome.

Great quality, love it so much!

Everything is perfect, the sound is great and the cover is gorgeous.
Originally, the wrong soundtrack was sent to me, but they rectified it immediately and the correct one came very quickly. This all happened during the COVID-19 shutdowns as well, but they handled it very professionally and kindly.
Highly recommended!

Super happy with this!!

Looks great! I'm happy to have a physical copy of the OSTs and this is a great addition. The packaging and art is super gorgeous and the poster is just as great. It's tucked nicely into the CD casing and stays snug inside if you want to put it back.

Stardew Valley 2-CD Soundtrack

by ConcernedApe


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Take the soundtrack to your days and nights on the farm with you wherever you go. 

This official Stardew Valley 2-CD soundtrack contains 77 tracks across two CDs by ConcernedApe, and features original art from Stardew Valley Guidebook designer Kari Fry.

Each one includes a big, colorful insert that doubles as a 9x14" fold-out poster. 

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