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Amazing jacket!

The quality is really good, and it's really warm and comfortable to wear. Sadly, I got Unisex M which turned out to be too big for me (small asian girl), but that didn't stop me from buying a second jacket in S and giving the first one to my bf. Completely worth it.

Lovely quality!

Absolutely one of the best jackets I own. Very glad to have gotten it for my birthday as a treat a few months back! Perfect to wear in the fall/winter. I just ADORE the varsity jacket kind of style and this certainly looks the part, while also functioning like a hoodie! It's very soft and surprisingly warm, but not too thick, and it fits very nicely and loosely (Which is a plus! I love cozy loose-fitting hoodies). Almost every time I've worn it in public I've gotten people in awe asking to see the jacket and asking me where I got it. I feel like the coolest kid on the block! SO worth it.

y'all omg

Ok listen this baby is absolutely worth it. You get what you pay for: it's thick, soft, and when you put it on, you immediately look like a cool kid. If you ever want to spoil yourself, get this jacket. Perfect for fall weather shenanigans!

Best jacket I own

I saw this on the show floor at PAX South and told myself I wouldn't buy it no matter how badly I wanted it. My self-control endured for about 5 minutes. It's so comfy, warm, and the hood detaches. I love that it's made of of swearshirt material. I just worry about wearing it out. People stop me on the street when I go out in this and scream "WHERE DID YOU GET THAT JACKET??!!"

Absolutely amazing!

I bought 2 of these jackets for myself and a friend I have farmed with since the PC Multiplayer Beta (for his birthday as well), and not only are they super awesome but they are high quality and well made.
It's crisp, it's comfy, it's warm.
10/10 if you're a Stardew Nutter, this is the jacket for you!
I'm highly impressed with FanGamer's stock and will definitely be buying in the future.

Stardew Valley

Farmers United Jacket

by Audrey Waner

Save $6Pelican Town Hat

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A place to learn all the skills required to be a farmer: Farming, fishing, foraging, mining, and combat.  

This official Stardew Valley design by Audrey Waner was screenprinted by Forward  on letterman-style jackets from Epic Sports (product page with sizing information)

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