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Really Great

It's really great. The quality of the cards is good so that people who don't care about Shovel Knight can still enjoy them. These cards look really nice and are very pretty. If you are a fan of Shovel Knight (and I assume you are because how could you not be a fan of Shovel Knight?) then these cards are sure to make you smile with their clever little references to the game. Shipping was nice and quick, too.

Beautifully Perfect Playing Cards

Literally one of the best video game merchandise products I have ever had the good fortune to come across. The artwork is beautiful (both the face and back of the cards), the cards’ feel is great, and even the Yacht Club Games card is well made lol. My only little gripe is that Mona is the Queen of magic pots and Plague is the Ace of the same. Would’ve liked him to be King of her suit, but making the characters with campaigns the Aces was a clever idea. Other than my highly opinionated little tidbit, the cards are great and if you’re into Shovel Knight I think you should go ahead and buy them. Looking forward to King Knight’s campaign this year!


I am already in love with the designs! Shovel Knight is a game full of creativity and heart, and it's clear that you put the same level of effort and free expression into this deck. From the designs of the suits (Love the literal spades XD ) to the clever placement of the characters on the royals. Absolutely amazing!

All I've ever wanted in a deck of cards- and then Shovel Knight. Dreams DO come true.

The artwork on these cards is so gorgeous I've had to put down the actual Shovel Knight game in favor of endless games of SOLITAIRE. These are gonna be a hoot when company is over! Card quality is top-notch and they feel/sound so satisfying when hitting the table triumphantly! If you're a fan of the blue burrower (or perhaps any of the other characters in the game's colorful cast), and still don't have a decent deck of cards of your own, get these. ASAP. So worth it.

Shovel Knight Playing Cards

by Laura Verdin

Sold out!

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The Enchantress doesn't play fair—when it comes to games of chance, you'll want to bring your own deck. 

This official set of Shovel Knight playing cards were designed by Fangamer's own Laura Verdin and produced by the US Playing Card Company, the same company responsible for Bicycle card decks.

Also available (in limited quantities) as an uncut sheet.

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