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do not separate them !!!

not only are these plushies absolutely gorgeous (especially yooka !! i love his big goofy smile) but the tag art is precious

Even better in person

I was was amazed from the moment when I first opened the package. I love them so much, that I plan on buying another set.

So Cute!!

I got these plushies in the mail finally! It took a while but it was worth it! They seem to be getting along with my Banjo-Kazooie plush! Such great friends!

Even Better than Banjo and Kazooie

I originally purchased these guys as a stop-gap until the Banjo & Kazooie plush was released. The more I look at them side by side, the more I realize that, though both awesome toys, the overall size, likeness to the characters, and feel of Yooka and Laylee’s plushies put them over the edge. I’m glad fangamer gives a merchandizing platform to the smaller indie studios as well as old favorite franchises, and I’ll keep buying their stuff if it continues to be such high quality! Also, I live in Japan right now, and shipping from them is always super fast.

We're glad to hear you're happy with your plushes! If you're living in Japan, you may also want to look into our Japanese branch, Fangamer Japan: They're located in, and ship within, Japan.

Yookah laylee plush

Absolutely one of the most well made plushies I've ever bought.

Yooka-Laylee Plush Set



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Yooka is the green plush; Laylee is the wisecracking plush with the big nose. They're both very soft. 

This official Yooka-Laylee plush set, designed by Versiris and spec'd by Jenna Post, features detachable Yooka and Laylee plushes. Yooka is about 9 inches tall, and Laylee is 5; magnets in Laylee's claws and Yooka's head hold them together. 

Both plushes include magnets and are not designed for children under 3.

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