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God Speed Messenger

The Messenger is a game that I originally thought would be generic, another indie title trying to mimic the old school game style from the NES era. When I actually sat down to play the game, my mind was immediately blown. You play as a young ninja who must deliver a scroll to the top of a mountain, but soon you realize there is a much deeper story behind the world you live in. You travel between the past and present, exploring new areas and collecting items along the way. The game starts off as a linear platformer, but once you reach the half way point it really starts to opens up. The colors in the game are stunning to look at, the soundtrack is catchy, and the story is surprisingly good. This shirt demonstrates the type of person you must become, the messenger you were intended to be.

Perfect fit!

These shirts are the perfect size. I had never ordered before so I used the size chart and I was ecstatic when my shirts arrived today and I had no problem with the fit. The design is bright and stunning. The shirt is also soft and clearly high quality. I loved the sticker bonus too!

The Messenger - Ninja Stars

by Nina Matsumoto

Sold out!

Inspired by classic action platformers from the past—well, at first. 

Nina Matsumoto designed this official The Messenger shirt while waiting for the Western Hero to show up. Forward printed it on soft 100% cotton Canvas and District garments. Each one comes with a bonus Quarble sticker.

Unisex XS-4X Canvas 3001
Women's XS-4X District Made DM104L
Unisex 5X-6X Port & Company 61
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