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Based on 23 reviews
~3 Years later it still holds on strong

well, I ordered this scarf in November of 2017 to wear during winter, which is especially cold here, and my god, is it good. It's comfy, it lasted all these years without loss of quality, the fur is still crispy; it's perfect. Thank you for this amazing- and cute- scarf.

Perfect skiing buddy

I got this scarf a few months ago and have been waiting for ski season so I can bring him on a grand adventure. Went skiing yesterday. He tagged along and flapped majestically in the wind. Very warm boye. Someone even commented on how cute he was. 10/10 would ski with again.

So. Cute. <3

I ordered it with a bunch of other stuff and I absolutely love it. It's incredible soft and cute. :) Even the dog approves it. 10/10 would purchase again. :D

The actual best scarf ever

I got this as a Christmas gift in 2019 and I since then I wear this almost every single day. It's super soft and super cute to wear around your neck and get cozy. Don't wanna wear it? Put it on a plush or just keep it on display. I can not find 1 bad thing about this masterpeice. Fangamer, keep making this stuff because it is like Jesus made a video game merch company.

*Speechless. . .

*The absolute best scarf that I wear everyday, seriously, even in summer...
(It's my thing, ok?!)
I'd highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!


Lesser Dog Scarf


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* Lesser Dog has gone where no Dog has gone before. 

This official UNDERTALE scarf is a six-foot-long warm dog made of a soft minky microfiber material with machine-embroidered details. 

It was collaboratively designed by Jenna Post and Toby Fox, and will have to be wrapped around your neck multiple times. 

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