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As the title says, perfect! Great for any fan, gamer, or determined human. Order even came with some extra stickers and even a card, which was a very welcome Surprise :) I also got the fight/mercy pins and the mew mew keychain and didn't want to crop the pic, so pardon that. 10/10 would order again! (Although I'll probably never need to, since this one seems so well made!)

Undertale Fangamer Pin Collection

Been meaning to get the elusive Annoying Dog for my collection for a while! He's so cute! =]

Forever going on my white coat

Currently a 3rd year in pharmacy school, we wear a white coat whenever we're on rotations and what not to look professional. Hands down, I don't care if it's "uNpRoFeSsIoNaL", I will always wear this pin on my white coat. I would wear the Space Junk pin, but it's too loud for my white coat (will go on my back pack or my button up shirt). If the pin breaks, 10/10 will buy another. Very good quality. If anything, only complaint is that all these pins come with rubber clasps instead of the metal ones I'm used to. Reading online about it, rubber is ALRIGHT, but will eventually loosen it's grip after putting it on and taking it off a few times, which I will have to do when I take my white coat to get cleaned. No biggie though because I can just buy metal clasps :) Thank you!

What the Dog??

A fun little pin with the spirit of Toby Fox, I am happy with this pin in my collection.

It's Following Me Around?? Help?????

Extremely annoying dog. It stays on my lanyard ALL THE TIME and it NEVER FALLS OFF. It didn't come with any scratches or imperfections at all. It's too perfect. >:(


Annoying Dog Lapel Pin

by Undertale


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This 1" cloisonné Annoying Dog lapel pin will stick to you no matter what you do, unless you pull the pin back off. 

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