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Customer Reviews

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Waited a Long Time But Worth It

So it's they're finally back, available for you
If you liked the game, you can buy them too
Put them in your cart, if you want to get
The Series 2 Undertale set!

MT! Mettaton! MT! Mettaton is here!

He's the robot of the bunch, you know his goal
He's finally back to take your soul!
His first show is just a quiz
If you answer correctly, you're quite the whiz!

The rest of this song parody is left as an exercise for the reader.

Amazing figures

These figures are great. I can't wait until series 3.

Amazing set!

I was waiting for it for so many months and finally it's here! It also arrived quickly!
I really love each figure, the quality is wonderful! Undyne one is gorgeous and my favorite, she has such good details!
Everything is perfect, and I really love the fact you can change Flowey's face!
SO happy!

Stunning Figurines

Fangamer, you've done it again.

I already own the series 1 little buddies so naturally I had to get these too. Like the previous set; these figurines are amazing... they're well made and have incredible attention to detail. Flowey even has interchangeable faces; which I thought was a very welcome touch.

In response to the previous review, it sadly may have just been your Mettaton figure that didn't fit the display base peg properly. All of my figures fit into their display bases with no trouble at all; including Mettaton.

Once again I am wowed by how great these little buddies are. My only nitpick (and it really is minor) is that I would have liked Temmie to have come with a mortar board so you could send her to cool leg ;)

I hope to see a series 3! :D

Wonderfuly Molded Miniatures

I've read other people who've had small issues with both sets, but my experiences with them have been nothing but positive and I usually have bad luck with these things.

I'm not sure if it was mentioned anywhere else (maybe it was shown in a video?) but Flowey has replaceable faces which I was not expecting and am really impressed with. My personal favorite is just the ;p face but I like all the faces they included. There's even a somewhat creepy and somewhat cute Asriel face.

Also really impressed with Undyne in-general, particularly that her spear is removable (which there are a number of good reasons for). Her and Flowey are both really powerful standouts in this set.

I really hope they plan out another set where they cover Asriel, Asgore and some of the other background characters. I'd seriously give almost anything for a vinyl of Asriel that went along with these others.

Here's a full gallery of them in-hand, including all of Flowey's faces:

UNDERTALE Little Buddies - Series 2 Complete Set

by Fangamer


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A complete set of Series 2 Little Buddies! (Or check out Series 1!)

By purchasing this Complete Set, you'll save $6.

Each hand-painted vinyl figurine has a removable base and ranges in size from 2.5 to 3.6 inches tall.

These official, injection-molded UNDERTALE figurines were modeled by Gijs van Kooten

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