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papyrus approved

I like the reference where flowey says papyrus made a flowey fan club

Great durability

I've had this pin for (coming up on) two years and nothing has broken. Both pin backs have come off (spares are easy to get, however), but the paint (save for the black paint that serves to outline the pin, but it looks like it's supposed to be that way) has not chipped at all and the heart charm is still neatly attached. I wore it nearly every day for a very large space of time (several months with little to no stop) and the thing still looks great. A twelve bucks well spent.

Papyrus would definitely approve of these pins!

I got this pin from someone awhile back but i forgot to put a review up. I still decided to cause Fangamer merch is so good that they most absolutely deserve a billion thumbs-up for what they do. Even after having it so long, it stays sturdy and the coloring still looks great. The little heart charm on the bottom is a really nice touch, and it couldn't be more perfect. I've seen lapel pins before that are super metallic, but this one isn't like those at all. I would definitely love to get more pins (and other super cool stuff) from here! (haha, sorry for the long review)


i bought three of these for me and my bff's since we freaking love Flowey and I have to say, these were amazingly made! I put mine on my backpack and it's never fallen off! (I've had it on for a month :P) I absolutely love it s much! no regrets on buying it!

Your Best Friend

I have been waiting awhile since buying this lapel pin since I have had a problem before with pins loosening from their holds and falling off and thereby losing them. After about 6 months of use on my most commonly used backpack, I can safely say that this is the sturdiest pin I've ever had. The two stoppers on the pin keep the pin firmly attached--I even had trouble taking them off initially to put them on the backpack! Needless to say, nothing has come between me and my new best friend.


Flowey Fan Club Lapel Pin

by Audrey Waner


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Hmmm... you're new to the UNDERGROUND, aren'tcha?

Prove you're a fan of Flowey, the most helpful character in the whole underground, with this cloisonné lapel pin, which measures 1" wide and features a dangling heart charm.

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